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Utah Zion National Park Hiking Elopement

Ashley and Brent’s Zion Nation Park hiking elopement was incredibly awesome! They reached out to to me on instagram and talking about wanting to visit Southern Utah and explore Zion National Park. I am always excited when people want to do something a little different for their wedding. They flew into Las Vegas, officially got…

Wedding Party in Albion Basin

Alta Mountain Wedding

Click here if you would like to see more of this awesome Alta Mountain Wedding or if you are family and would like to buy prints. If you are interested in chatting with us at Faces Photography about your wedding feel free to contact us here. We have lots of ideas whether it be a local…

Katy Cancer Portrait

Katy – The Wild Fire Effect

As a photographer my whole life I have learned to look at the world a little different. I see things from a perspective that others might not see. Even with a slight change of framing or focus. The entire image could be drastically changed. As a photographer I often struggle on how to present the…