Are We A Good Fit? Definitely Maybe.

What makes a good photographer a good photographer? Some say it’s innate, a gift bestowed from the Gods of Right Brainopolis, some say it’s learned, a culmination of courses, left-brain logic, and analytical prowess, and me?

I say it’s about a person’s ability to enhance their creative gifts with learned expertise to capture all the right moments in all the right ways.

It’s about tone, texture, vibe, and mood – palpable elements that move us to feel these captured moments with heavy emotion.

What, too deep?

What if it was as simple as finding someone who could give you exactly what you asked for?

Now that’s a damn good photographer.

So? What makes me, Chadwick Braithwaite, the photographer for you?

I present you with a short history of my life…

Once upon a time I was on track to become an engineer. I loved the rules. They guided principles and provided a container for creation so it felt safe to me.

But… I couldn’t go through with it – I couldn’t stand the thought of wasting away, day after day, year after year, amongst the dull company of the world’s most boring people (if you’re an engineer, I’m sure you’re not boring – it’s everyone but you)…

I needed connection.

And so it was that I found myself accidentally becoming a photographer at my best friend’s wedding.

I did it for fun as the backup guy to the actual photographer she hired and then, it happened… mid-ceremony, I discovered that not only did I enjoy the shit out of taking pictures of people, but I had a legitimate knack for it.

And my BFF bride liked my photos best.

There’s more to good photography than sunsets and smiles, but you don’t want to be bothered with that…

You just want someone who can deliver the photos that you’ve requested and that I can do.

I was built for this and here’s why:

Meet Little Chadwick.

Look at this frickin’ face! Do I look like I’d steer you wrong? Not a chance. And though it looks like I’m having a blast, what I’m really doing is trying to convince the photographer to zoom the fuck in to capture my cherub-like nature. It’s all in the angle, people.

Kidding aside, a lifelong characteristic that started at this age was the deep desire to understand how and why things work and I carry that sentiment into each and every photography session.

I’ll ask and listen and ask some more until I’m 1000% sure I know exactly what you want from me, your photographer. Show, tell, and describe what you’re after and I’ll make it happen every single time.

Chadwick In His Pre-pubescent Prime.

First off, major respect to this innovative mullet meets side mohawk hair-do. I never claimed to be a trendsetter, alas, it was inevitable…

And this stage of life brings us to the beginnings of my innovative nature. Moving beyond wanting to know how something works and into wanting to know how I could make it better.

What does this mean for you? I’m saving you from the dreaded SSDD (same shit different day). Boring AF, cliche photos that fall flat, lack the emotion you want to see, and are just like everyone else’s. You’re welcome.

Chadwick, Coming Of Age.

Oh, who am I kidding – I didn’t hit puberty until I was in college, but I guess you can come of age sans pimples and stubble… it was a long road to manhood.

This photo marks the end of an era and the beginning of Chadwick 2.0, a more serious and focused individual.

My clients love me (and so will you) because I’m a plan-making, action-oriented type of guy. I’ll get all the shots you want, edit them to match the mood and vibe you’re after, and present you with the magic of your captured moments.

The Alchemist, Also Known As Chadwick.

Puberty at last (see that impressive stubble? super manly). It took me 17 years to get a few straggly chest hairs, and boy, was it worth the wait.

This year marked a deep desire to follow my heart, like young Santiago of The Alchemist, and search for life’s deeper meaning.

This is the driving force behind the work I do and as your photographer, my willingness to push boundaries and break rules in search of something more will reflect in the emotive beauty of your photos. Tears might happen. No, YOU’RE crying.

Chadwick The Not Engineer.

As you already know, I couldn’t go through with my plans to become an engineer and when I accidentally became a photographer, I decided to be deliberate about it.

All that pent-up engineering energy has to go somewhere and it’s the fuel to my creative fire.

Paradoxically, in my world, logic begets creativity and in that SPLIT of a split second as I consider a shot, exactly 1 million analytical things (aperture, composition, lighting, inverse square law, posing, rule of thirds) go through my head before pressing that trigger.

That. That right there. That’s what what makes me a good photographer and what’s going to get you the very best photos.

So? What say you? Are we a good fit?

Hell yes, says I.

Why? Because without the rules, we’d be lost. (I like rules)

And without the rule-breakers, we’d be stuck. (I like breaking rules)

Ultimately, without the delicate ability to walk the line between rigidity and anarchy, we’d be stuck with cookie cutter crap or the chaotic cacophony of somebody’s creative vomit.

Nobody wants that. I walk the line with unhinged precision (wrap your mind around THAT), so yeah… I think you and I will do just fine.


Don’t Wait.