Bridals/Formal Portraits

What are bridal / formal portraits?

Formal portraits are individual portraits of the couple either on the wedding day or before. We know that calling them formal portraits makes them sound stuffy and boring. Don’t worry they are not… or at least they don’t have to be. The term “formal portraits” comes from portraits wearing your formal wedding attire. However, these days it doesn’t even have to be formal wedding attire. More or less it just means some bad ass photos of your and your spouse in your wedding clothes, whatever those might be.

When is the best time to shoot your formal portraits?

The answer to this is simple — ANYTIME YOU WANT! After shooting over 300 weddings, we have seen it done several different ways. Our favorite is definitely about a week or two before the wedding. The reason this works best is because it gives you lots of options, we can take our time not worrying about keeping your guests waiting. It give you and your spouse time to relax and have time just to enjoy for the two of you (and the photographer of course). Doing it before your actual wedding day also gives you some fun options on different locations other than your venue. If you are doing a destination wedding and two weeks before isn’t an option, the day before your wedding, or the day after works too! We will work with your schedule and make it as easy and stress free as possible. One other really good reason to do them before your wedding day – LESS STRESS ON YOUR WEDDING! (And this we can promise is the best reason ever!) No need to add stress to a day that doesn’t need stress. If you choose to do it on your wedding day the best time always will vary. Typically it is in between your ceremony and reception. However, this isn’t always the case. Feel free to contact us to talk about your wedding day and we will go over the schedule with you and give you our best advice.

Why should you get formal portraits?

Formal portraits are typical the photos most of our clients print up and put on their wall. Most of the time these are the awesome photos you see online of a couple hiking, dancing, kissing and looking amazing. If they look stress free, it’s because they are! A formal session is more informal than the actual wedding day and gives time and an opportunity for those portraits that show true emotion! You might have also heard them called, first look photos. However you choose to call them – they are awesome and we want to get you some amazing portraits that can hang on your walls for all to see!

We support and celebrate all weddings. We believe that love is love no matter what gender, race, or religion.