Long gone are the days of cringey mall style business headshots.

And thank goodness for that. Business headshots used to come with a pretty stale and boring connotation. That isn’t the case anymore! All businesses are different, so why do the headshots always look the same? Business Headshots should show your personality and the personality of your business. More often than not, your business headshot is the first impression people get from your company. What is the first impression you are giving?

A business headshot is essentially your personal branding.

LinkedIn has over 575+ Million users. Which means a lot of people that get to see you and your business with an initial contact with just one photo. Please don’t let it be a selfie or a vacation photo! We know that you want to seem fun and adventurous… but we also want you to look professional. Trust us… professional business headshots can look fun and adventurous. Drop us a line below. We promise we can help brainstorm a style of business headshot just for you that shows ALL OF IT. To get some great ideas on different headshot options check out our pinterest.

Individual and company wide headshots.

We offer individual headshots but also work with large companies to give their employees and website a uniform look. We have a 3000 sq. ft. studio in Sandy, UT. However, we also have the capability of coming on location for the convenience of multiple employees. Our only job is to make things easier for you! (Oh yeah and to make you look real good too!)

To answer all of your questions with just one word… YES.

  • Yes… We will help you decide what to wear (if you need help).
  • Yes… we can photoshop those little imperfections of life.
  • Yes… You look good enough RIGHT NOW to come in and get a headshot.
  • Yes… we will direct you and help you look your best.
  • Yes… now you are just procrastinating you should be calling right now.
  • Yes… Now we are just adding things on the list to see if you are still reading them.