Because your wedding photography is important to us.

AKA, we care about your experience and your engagement photography. No, really. Like… a lot – a lot. The emotion tied up in a side-swept glance, the visceral joy behind your smile – we don’t produce flat photos that document a day, it’s about your emotional journey and we’re right there with you. Your wedding photography is important to us.

Not the same boring engagement photos!

Trust us… we know! The first thing you think about when you hear engagement photos are those SUPER cheesy ones you see on Facebook and cringe. THINGS HAVE CHANGED! We don’t shoot those type of engagement photos. We sit down and chat with you and find some ideas that will show your personality. We work together to style a session that shows you as a couple. Yeah yeah… we get it we are touching on cheesy with that last statement. We promise you, it will not be cheesy. It will be a super relaxed hike or experience whether you choose the mountains, downtown or want your engagement photos skydiving (Yes we have done that!) We will capture those moments YOU want to see.

We support and celebrate all weddings. We believe that love is love no matter what gender, race, or religion.

You like reading and researching? Perfect! We’ve put together some things to help you plan your engagement photography.To get some great ideas on different options check out our pinterest board.