Utah’s captivating landscapes set the stage for Michael and Jordan’s romantic backyard sunset wedding. Let’s dive into the details of their unforgettable celebration and checkout how amazing this Utah backyard intimate sunset wedding was.

The Ideal Venue

After at looking at so many amazing venues in Utah they decided the best venue for their love story was one so close to home to celebrate with their close friends and family – their backyard. As you can see they definitely had the benefit of a beautiful view from their parent’s backyard. Their love for Utah’s natural beauty led them to a family member’s backyard with breathtaking views of the Wasatch Mountains.

The Magic of a Sunset Wedding

All sunset weddings are difficult and take a lot of planning and timing. Normally I suggest doing the ceremony earlier to give time for portraits and other photos. However, with this amazing view we decided to make it happpen and rush as fast and possible for the remaining portraits. Being that it was a small intimate wedding the timing was a little easier.

Utah’s natural beauty and romantic sunsets provide the perfect backdrop for an intimate backyard wedding, as seen in Michael and Jordan’s love story.

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