Utah’s Snow

I have lived in Utah for over 20 years now. I still love the snow, no matter how often and how hard it comes. Every time it comes I get excited and remember why I live here in this awesome state. This Utah Winter Bride just confirms that Utah is an absolutely gorgeous and amazing state. The natural beauty here is astounding! Utah has it all. From lush green sceneries, mountains, canyons, and even snow-covered canyons- Utah is definitely a photographer’s dream. I love this state, not just for its beautiful sceneries (even though that’s a part of it), also for the wonderful people. Most people here treat each other with kindness, joy, and compassion. Values like those are important to me.  Love is raging throughout this western state and, I truly love that.

The Fun with shooting a Utah Winter Bride

A few friends happened to be in town so we called some models and drove up to Big Cottonwood Canyon to do a shoot. As surprising as it is here in Utah we don’t get a lot of requests from a bride to shoot in the winter. So we decided to make it happen on our own. The models had elegant, beautiful gowns that contrasted beautifully with the white snow. Its starting to be more and more popular for bride’s to NOT wear a white dress, and I love it. Weddings are more about your personality and preferences — So I say DO WHAT YOU WANT! The dark gray ball gown that the first model wore reminded me of a snow princess. She looked absolutely regal and gorgeous.The first model’s tattoos on her arm even helped contrast against the background and made her stand out even more.

These models were both so much fun to shoot. They were also so kind coming out on short notice to capture some of this Utah winter wonderland with us. The second model, in the black and sheer dress, was a true beauty. Her dark makeup and dark dress helped her fair skin and hair contrast greatly from the plush, white background. She looked as beautiful as a princess but with the darkness contrasting, looked like a beautiful villain.