We are really busy this time of year with summer weddings and we have noticed short engagements have been the trend. We have seen every possible type of  wedding imaginable and are often asked for advice and recommendations on anything from location, to bakers, to makeup artists. We have a looooooong list of amazing vendors that we are happy to recommend. If you are considering a short engagement and are wondering where and how to start planning, here are some helpful tips:

1. Book FACES for ANY and ALL of your photographic needs! We want to be a part of documenting your special day!  We can also recommend hair stylists, makeup artists, event planners, venues, florists, etc….We can’t do it all, but we know a lot of really talented people 🙂

2. Location! Location! Location!  Many of the traditional reception centers can be booked months and months in advance so think outside of the box… What about a mid-century children’s hospital turned community center? Or a Historical Manor? Backyard? Bed and Breakfast? Some of the most charming weddings take place in the most unconventional of venues.

3.  Buy a dress that is ready-to-wear and off-the-rack. Ordering a dress can take months and alterations can take at least three weeks. You won’t have time for that. Look for discounted bridal shops or outlets because they will have the most variety in sizing. Consider department stores for bridesmaid dresses. They usually offer formal gowns and cocktail dresses and can usually be shipped FAST and sometimes FREE. (Remember to try traditional bridal shops but don’t be afraid to get creative if they can’t fit within your deadline)

4. THE BIG THREE! PRIORITIZE! This is the MOST important. Talk to you partner and decide what the three most important things are to the both of you. Example: Good Food, Good Music, Good Flowers.  Then spend the majority of your time and money on those THREE things. This will SAVE YOUR LIFE! Promise.

5. If you don’t need it, skip it! If having a band isn’t a priority, rent a PA system and create your own playlists. If you don’t have time to design and order a cake; cupcakes, or a delightfully decorated dessert bar are a great alternative.  Don’t have time to print invitations? Call FACES!!! We can help you out 🙂 You can also manage your guest list through many awesome online websites that have online RSVP forms and free wedding sites to make (who remembers to RSVP anyway?)

6. Create a checklist… and check it twice…and then have somebody else check it….twice…..and once everything is checked off the list… Relax and ENJOY!