Mentoring sessions are some of the best education we offer. The goal with these is to give you the education and business tools that are specifically catered to you. Mentoring sessions can be done online via video chat or in person. The nice thing about these are you can choose the topic you would like to cover. We can cater the learning specifically to what you would like to focus on or something you might need. We cover lots of different topics, such as (but are not limited to):

  • Editing and Lightroom – Making personal presets specific to your work.
  • Culling/Lightroom – How to make it FAST!
  • Workflow and Organization
  • Website review and basic SEO to help you.
  • Marketing and finding your clients
  • IPS and Pricing

This time is specifically for you. So think of what can help you the most and lets do this! 🙂

Full Day and Half Day mentoring can include live shoots.


This is also considered a mentor session. However, these sessions are much more specific to just marketing. They will go over critiques and building a marketing plan that is specific to your brand and your genre of photography.

I want to clarify up front… there is not a magic solution. There isn’t a magic secret out there that once you figure it out… your problems are solved. Marketing is ever changing and evolving. Things you learn this year will change by next year. These sessions are not just built to help you figure out how to market right now. They are designed specifically to teach you how to build and test a marketing plane that will evolve with your brand.

And guess what… It takes work. Lots and lots of work! So if you are just looking for a quick solution… this is definitely not it. This is a long term, lots of work solution to teach you the things you will need for your business.


You wouldn’t believe how many people don’t have backups or a system to make sure their photos are safe. Most people only start once something bad has happened. Remember to recover a hard drive can cost $600-$2000 for one hard drive. This is not worth the stress or headache.

You need to build a backup and a system before you invest in your next lens!

Remember there isn’t a perfect system. There is always room for failure. However, it is better to be as safe as possible! This mentoring will include building a server that is best for you. We will go over your workflow and how much space you need. A Server can cost anywhere from $900-$2000 depending on your needs.

This mentoring will build the server for you and include 5 hours of mentoring to use it and setup for your business. (The cost of the mentoring is just the setup. You will need to purchase the additional equipment for the server. This will be discussed once you purchase the mentoring.)