Marketing Full

This is an in depth hands on mentor session solely focused on building an advertising method to get your photography business more clients. We will start with your workflow of clients… we will then build you a system that will continue to change as you grow but be the basis of all marketing from here on out. We will teach you the how and why to do certain things. So when you business changes your marketing plan can evolve with it. This will be loads of work. You will be required to do LOTS and LOTS of homework. There is not a magic wand with marketing. You have to work and test and adjust and constantly be changing. We will start with an initial website critique and move into a marketing session to talk about your business and the direction you would like to go. We will then design workflow that is specific to your business and your genre. Then work on online advertising to help funnel and generate leads. We will focus a lot on facebook ads and google analytics. This will be several sessions working, building and creating a system along with ads to help you bring in clients that LOVE your work.