Marketing Intro and FB Ads Basic

This is a basic and introductory session into building your marketing plan for FB ads. We will go over workflow, build you a plan to help you evolve and grow. First session we will talk about your business and where you want to be. We will do a minor website critique and talk about a workflow for you to work on. You will have homework with this. You will need to write some blogs and email templates. The second session we will go over your email templates fit them into your marketing plan that we have designed… and then work on implementing your system into facebook and online advertising to generate new inquiries.

We will build your marketing plan, install the facebook pixel and get you started in the awesome world of fb and online advertising. We will build 1 or 2 ads. And explain the reasoning and the why… then its up to you to make the magic.

(If you are interested in a more hands on in depth mentoring please check out the Marketing Full Mentoring.)