Website Critique

These are awesome!!! First off I want to start by saying… there isn’t one right way for anything. Marketing and Websites are subjective… so do not be afraid. This isn’t a critique where I will find all of the problems with your website. (We will work with you to fix any we do find) This is a simple recorded video where I will look at your website and record me using it. Talking about what I see, what it tells to me (and your clients) and if that matches with what your vision for your website is. This will include branding and look and feel of your website. This is meant to be fun and exciting and a perspective of what your clients see. I will record it and send you a copy of that to watch over and over and give you suggestions on changes you might want to consider. We will then have a half an hour Q&A video chat where we talk about your website and branding.