Ok one thing I am starting to not like about weddings… is having to narrow them viagra canada down for the blog. I mean I narrowed it down to 18 photos… and I can’t get it any less. So sorry if you are getting a BLOG-orama of photos. But you should have been there because it was so much fun! The day started off beautiful. The ceremony got a hint of sun and it was on the patio at La Caille.

Wedding dress and shoes hanging up

Bride and groom at altar

Groom kisses his bride

Family wedding photo

Bride and Groom kissing

Everything was perfect from the sunny day to the location. The flowers and Melissa’s dress was amazing!

Bouquet and rings with groom and bride kissing in the background

And if we didn’t already have enough amazing pictures we took a little time with just them. And got a few more pictures just around the grounds of La Caille.

Bride and groom wedding details

Bride and groom kissing at La Caille

Groom with wedding guests

Cake Toppers! Talk about the coolest cake topper EVER!

Wedding cake details

Then Melissa and Craig surpised us all when the whole family got up to dance.

Dacing at the wedding reception

Bride feeds groom cake

Wedding Reception Photos

Then Melissa’s brother yes…. did KARAOKE to Vanilla Ice. “Ice Ice Baby” (Yes I sang all of the words with him) Don’t worry Jim it was when I was in Elementary School! LOL

Wedding Reception

La Caille Wedding Reception

Bride tosses the bouquet

Bride and groom kissing

Celebrating the Bride and Groom with sparklers at wedding reception

Thank you Melissa and Craig and you’re whole family. Thank you so much for letting us be there to enjoy your Love Story.