Well I finally decided to do it!


I gave in  to peer pressure… I swallowed my pride and gave up my values which I held to for so long… and I decided to start a blog. It’s embarrassing because I have made fun of blogging for years now… but hey lets be honest if everyone jumped off a cliff – YES I would too!

Welcome to the blog. If you are on here you’ve probably see the new and improved updated website than too right? (oooooh ahhhh YAY!) Its been a long time in the making and after probably 30 or more different designs and 3 years I have done it. Im 8 out of 10 stars happy with how it looks now. However, I am always open to comments, suggestions and complaints CRITIQUES on how I can improve the website to make it easier and better.

Just to warn anybody that may partake upon this endeavor on which I will be calling CBFPBLOG (pronounced SI-FU-PUB-LOG otherwise known as Chad Braithwaite Faces Photography BLOG) I must warn you in advance! I have kept a journal (very sporadically) for the past 10 years now so my disdain for blogging doesn’t root from the memories and record keeping. It spawns mostly from the fact that someone can look into my personal life and see how I am feeling from day to day (kind of like looking into my underwear drawer) its just not something I am used to I like to be private and keep mysterious so this is all new for me I may need a hand to hold and a shoulder to cry on. Nevertheless back to my warning… in my journals I write very matter of fact how I am feeling, draw, smiley faces, everything it is exactly what I am feeling and saying…

so be warned!!! 🙂

Well for those of you stumbling upon this and may not know me. WELCOME! Come on in sit down and be prepared! Hehe its better than Disneyland here! And if you have russian brides some free time check out the new website https://www.faces-photo.com