Well I have known the Rawson family for a few years now. And thank goodness I now know the Joyce’s. Taylor and Katelyn made me laugh the whole time. So many firsts for me at this wedding. First I must give my Kudos to Katelyn. She impressed me the entire time since we started talking wedding photography. We went to Park City for the engagements and they ended up being some of our favorite pictures ever. Then we went downtown for the bridals. Which turned out amazing! They were extremely comfortable in front of the camera which made my job easy. Then to make everything better. Katelyn showed up literally 20 minutes before the ceremony and STILL was ready early! WOW! I was thoroughly impressed!

Groom getting ready

Bride getting ready

Heritage Garden wedding ceremony

Bride and groom at the altar

Bride and groom hugging in front of window with beautiful scenery

Bride with bridesmaids

Groom with groomsmen

I can honestly say they never stopped smiling the entire night. Trust me I asked for serious faces and all I got was laughter.

Bride and groom

Bridals and Heritage Garden

Shout out to Chelsea for being my assistant on this next one. (She held the flash)

Bride and Groom Wedding Photography

And then the siblings decided to have a flower war! The fought it out to the death. And Chelsea came out the victor.

Sibling wedding fun

Then lucky enough for Katelyn the boy had a little “My Girl” dance planned.

Boys dancing around bride

I just want you to note the girl in the group fighting for the front row… and looks like she’s about to yell at everyone (Haha You know who you are!)

Bride getting ready to toss the bouquet

I told you that this wedding was more fun then you can handle! This was the beginning of the dance-off!

Bride dancing at reception

And yes I have always wanted to see this at a wedding!

Groom being lifted up into the air on a chair

Bride being lifted in the air

Celebrating the bride and groom before leaving the wedding reception

This is Taylor and Katelyn’s love story!