Dear Faces Family,

First off I would like to start by apologizing. I have horrible grammar and will probably spell at least 14 things wrong. I will proceed to use run on sentences. Furthermore, my excessive use of exclamation points will be used extensively in this letter. For this I am sorry. If you want to proceed. It is at your own risk! <– See I have already started.

I want to say thank you. Recently I have started to look back at where we started to where we are now. Wow! It has been a road. Some of you have stuck with us through thick and thin and put up with me for all these years. I want to give a sincere thank you. I won’t name you by name — most of you know who you are and all we have been through. But there have been some very interesting times. Out of the country family photos, high school seniors that have gone on to get married and we have been a part of that the whole time. And even some of you have accidentally gotten me in a few of your family photos. (Which you chose to hang on the wall hahah and I’m flattered). I have gotten the opportunity to join in on Family Christmas parties, invited to Sunday dinner, and even been privy to the special experience of being in the delivery room with you. Needless to say it has been an interesting and exciting road. I want to publicly thank all of you. We know very well that it is ONLY because of you that we are here — and get to do this as a job every day. We feel privileged that we get to share in all of your life’s special moments. And we hope we get invited to them for many years to come.

Many of you that know me on a more personal level are probably asking where are this is coming from? Hahah I am not much of “the sensitive” “reflect back on the good ol days” type. And you are very right 🙂  I love my friendships and the people I have met dearly. However, to get all mushy sensitive isn’t normally my style. However, I recently got interviewed for a photography magazine article and they asked me a lot of questions about where we started and how it all began. Which then got me thinking about all of this. Needless to say, I am honored. Honored to have gotten to know you and ECSTATIC about things to come! One of my dearest friends allowed me the honor (or I pushed it on her — hahah tomato potato right?) of photographing her wedding many many years ago. I had my old film cameras loaded up with my Black and white film on one sleeve and the color roll on the other. And I was ready. I don’t think I quite understood how nervous I should have been at the time. I had so much fun! And never once thought I would do it for a living. I was just a kid that couldn’t think of what to do for a wedding gift. Fast forward a few years. This year I spent my NYE at a wedding. I got the call and was a little disheartened I might have to spend a holiday like NYE working. I then got the interview a few days later and began thinking about it and in turn became FLATTERED and EXCITED that someone who hadn’t even met me wanted me to take their photos and spend that special day with them on NYE.  The days passed by and I hadn’t heard from the couple at all. Thankfully they did call and I rang in the New Years with new amazing friends and got to celebrate 2014 and their marriage all in the same moment. These are the things that make long wedding days, crying babies and working on holidays all worth it. So again I repeat myself THANK YOU!

Are you done with me being sappy yet?

As many of you know… we have recently moved studios! It is awesome. I love the new place and it has been an interesting change. After moving everything and looking at old work and old friends photos as we moved our server. It made me yet again take another trip down memory lane. The laughs the cries the funny faces and even better the random unplanned moments. These are what made my 2013 the best year ever! Thank you! THANK YOU THANK YOU!


These are only just a mere few of the reasons we do what we do — THANK YOU!!!!






P.S. I chose about 200 more photos… Lindsay made me narrow it down to these 10. 🙂

P.P.S. I promise not to get sappy again until 2015