Well finally… I FINALLY did it. I got the new website up and going… hmmm lets see how long that took me. I put the old website up when (ahem… BEFORE) we opened the Draper Studio. So that would be 3 years ago. Yikes… I was always hesitant to show people the website before. I actually like it now.  (Dont worry I have already started on the new design of the newer bigger better website… however you have 3 years before I get around to it so get used to this one HA!) The nice thing about this one is its very dynamic, meaning we can update the photos often healthymanviagra and switch it out for newer and more fun pictures when we get sick of the other ones.  I would be happy to hear any advice ideas or just happy comments about the website. So feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment. I know there are a few things still undone. The specials section and the about me is very… non informative I know this already. Im working on it still. I promise I’ll get it done soon 🙂

Well anyway check it out! Great new stuff happening. Stay posted. I will be “blogging” a lot more frequent from here on out!