Contrary to popular belief. One click presets just aren’t that common. Just like photographers there are so many different styles and color palettes that everybody likes. Making a preset that fits every situation and photo is like somebody asking you what camera settings they should use for an entire wedding.  It’s just not possible.

I have built presets… lets call them building blocks. To customize the look to achieve more of your style.

Step 1: Pick a base

Step 2: Warmth or Cool Tones

Step 3: Exposure

Sept 4: Tweak & Adjustments

Each photo should take 3-4 steps to achieve what you are looking for. There are lots of variations to achieve what you want. More like a recipe than a preset. These are the building block to which you can make your own presets. Once you have figured out which building blocks work best for you. Save those settings for your own preset – and VIOLA!