I am about to admit something extremely embarrassing. I don’t have any photos with my mother. I’ve never loved being in photos (I know weird right? As a photographer afraid to be in a portrait.) As I was preparing for spring I wanted to post a portrait of me and my mom and realized I don’t have a single portrait with her. So I decided this year that I should change that. I don’t want that same feeling in 20 years to wonder why we never took photos together.

And that got me thinking… I wonder if this is more normal than I think? So this year I decided to give a gift that all mothers want. And give my mom a portrait of us, and I guess I will invite my siblings also.


Starting at $99

If you are anything like me, Mother’s day gifts are so difficult to find something that mom actually wants/needs. Well problem solved. Portraits! Is your mom always bugging you to get portaits of you, your siblings, the family? Well let’s change that and make it easy! Portrait sessions start at $99.

(Includes the sitting fee and a printed 8×10 wall portrait.)


Call us at 801.748.2283 or fill out the form below and we will schedule a portrait session with you.