Everyone at this wedding was SO much fun. I’ve known the family for a few years not thru shooting her sister’s wedding. (They are officially part of the Faces’ Family) This was my first truly military based wedding. They had color guard escort the bride and groom in with a sword tunnel. (AMAZING!) And exiting they did the same with a secret “good game” snuck in at the end! The dancing was so much fun at this wedding. Both families were determined to have a fun wedding and it showed. Near the end of the wedding I found out that Brandon is being called to duty in Afghanistan and will be gone for about 6 months. Good luck Brandon! And congratulations to Brandon & Cyndy!

P.S. I apologize Brandon if I messed up any of the technical military terms. I know its not called a sword I just can’t recall the correct name to save my life. I am about as versed in the military as I am at camping. Sorry 🙂